Rock n Roll Album Guide–Suzi Quatro

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Suzi Q – Even if she’s not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she established herself as an icon and trendsetter, despite having a few female musicians in the hard rock genre. As one of the most remarkable female artists during her time, Quatro produced 19 albums, 82 singles and EPs and 46 compilations as well as multiple hits in North America and Europe…

Here is a quick Suzi Quatro album list and a summary of each of her releases.

Suzi Quatro Discography

Suzi Quatro (1974): Her first, this is one of the best Suzi Quatro albums, which was a critical and commercial success, reaching the USA top 150. The single “Can the Can” was Quatro’s most successful hit, while “48 Crash” and her cover of Presley’s “All Shook Up” were also commercially popular.

Quatro (1974): Quatro’s second album was also a success. “Devil Gate Drive,” “The Wild One” and “Too Big” all achieved top 20 status in the UK. The Wild One was featured in the 2010 movie The Runaways.

Your Mamma Won’t Like Me (1975): No list of Suzi Quatro music is complete without Your Momma … It is the release where Suzi migrated from a hard rock sound to a funk-like sound. It has several songs that performed well.

Aggro-Phobia (1976): “Tear Me Apart” was the hottest song on this album. The album has a very pronounced country-rock feel that would play well in 2021, using acoustic guitar where previously a hard rock sound would be present.

If You Knew Suzi… (1978): Quatro’s fifth album, this would be her highest charting album in the USA (#37 on The Billboard 200.) It also gave her the largest single success in the US she would have, “Stumblin’ In,” which she produced with Chris Norman. Stumblin’ In reached #4 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts.

Suzi…and Other Four Letter Words (1979): This album gave Quatro her second most successful album in the USA, at number 117. The biggest hit was “She’s in Love with You,” which played well in Europe and was a minor chart hit in the USA.

Suzi Quatro Music – The Middle and Transitions

Rock Hard (1980): Rock Hard was Suzi’s last album to chart well until 2006. The title track was a success and two other songs, “Glad All Over” and “Lipstick” performed well.

Main Attraction (1982): Quatro solidified her migration from hard rock wild child to a smoother, more sophisticated and adult sound. This album also is the only album with no cover songs of other artists. Suzi played a hand in writing every song on the album with the exception of “Two Miles Out of Georgia,” which was written by Chris Andrews.

Oh, Suzi Q. (1991): Oh, Suzi Q was Quatro’s 10th studio album and was a commercial disappointment, failing to chart worldwide at all. The album was her last recording of new material for five years and was widely panned by music critics.

What Goes Around: Greatest & Latest (1996): Quatro re-released several 1970’s hits in this album along with four new tracks. Working with a new line of musicians, What Goes Around includes a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

Unreleased Emotion (1998): This album highlights earlier rock- including capturing the tone of optimism that characterized the 50s, some critics said too much so. The music is good, but nothing is noteworthy. A 2012 remaster provides a better sound as well as liner photographs and single cover artwork.

Free the Butterfly (1999): Free the Butterfly is an album punk and hard rock Suzi Quatro would never have recorded, much less released. Quatro herself referred to it as a “self-help” album that gives the listener an “inner experience.”

Suzi Quatro Music through Present Day

Back to the Drive (2006): Quatro positioned this as her comeback album. It features production by Mike Chapman, backing vocals by Shirlie Roden and the return of Len Tuckey on guitar. Suzi also does a duet with her daughter Laura (“I’ll Walk Through the Fire With you.”

In the Spotlight (2011): The goal of In the Spotlight was to recapture the glory of early Suzi Quatro – the punk, hard rock sound that set her apart and allowed her to forge her way as a woman in a man’s world. It was reviewed positively for the most part

Quatro, Scott & Powell (2017): This album is a supergroup production (a merging of Quatro, The Sweet’s Andy Scott and Don Powell of Slade.) Critic reviews were generally positive. The album recaptures some of the undercurrent of the environment that produced Can the Can.

No Control (2019): No Control captures the raw talent of Quatro’s first two albums while tipping a hat to her longevity in rock and roll. “No Soul / No Control hits the listener in the head, while “Heavy Duty” runs the listener over.

The Devil in Me (2021): Building on No Control, Quatro makes it clear why she is considered by many to be an unsung rock deity. The most consistent critique was that The Devil in Me sounds like something Quatro would have done back during her glory days.

A review Suzi Quatro’s amazing body of work reveals an amazing career, with highs and lows, but still no good reason why such a magnificent talent rolls so far under the radar. Purchase Suzi’s albums here and here.