Merch Hunt: Suzy Quatro

True Rock and Roll fans know how “Can the Can” and “Devil Gate Drive” took the world over. The rock and roll legend, Suzi Quatro, is a world-renowned artist who is still active to this day. Fans of this singer and bassist are spread all around the world. So, if you are one of them and you are looking for Suzi Q merch? Fret not (pun intended), we will make your merch hunt easy for you. This article will go over everything from Suzi Quatro albums to her T-shirts and reveal the Must-have Items of her merchandise collection.


There is an iconic Suzi Quatro t-shirt that features her with her bass guitar that is available on on a black background. It’s available worldwide, but I bought it from the UK. I love this one specifically because it has her signature on it as well. This one goes for 16 dollars, excluding shipping.

If you’re not into dark backgrounds, you’ll appreciate the white, long-sleeved baseball shirt with a light background available at You can buy this one for 35 Australian dollars. This item is also shipped from Australia.

There’s also an oversized dark grey hoodie that I’m totally in love with, which features her as the queen of rock, in a picture that yells, 70s rock. This Suzi Quatro merch is available on her own official merchandise website for about 60 Australian dollars.


Did you know that queen Suzi has also written a book?
Her first-ever novel is named “The Hurricane” and is now available to purchase on and her own website. The novel features the main character as Alison Meridith Heart, who Suzi describes as a person with the emotions of a woman and thoughts of a man. Alison goes through life in the music business. I wonder who has inspired her?
You can buy The Hurricane for 25 Australian dollars from Suzi’s website, but if you are in the UK, you are better off opting for, where you can get it for 12.99 GBP, including shipping. The kindle version is even cheaper at 8 pounds.


Among many things that Suzi Quatro is known for, the leather jacket is probably the most controversial and therefore sought-after item out there. While Suzi wore a wide range of leather jackets, The zipper jumpsuit leather jacket is the most famous one, and it’s available on for 3975 dollars. If you want to adopt the look and spend less, you can go for a jacket-only option by Alexander Wang on for 1339 dollars. Nobody said it’s gonna be cheap to look like a rockstar.


If you want to buy the original albums with their original cover photos, almost all of them can be found on But if you are a little bit more strict about your Suzi Quatro merch collection, you want to go vinyl. These might be a little harder to find. As luck may have it, there are a few of her albums available right at, including “No Soul/No Control” and “Can the Can.”

Pieces of vinyl are available for as low as 17 pounds and up, that is, if they are available in your region. But they might be worth spending the money on if you are a collector or enthusiast. At worst, you can sell it for a higher amount on eBay in a few years. CD albums with original covers can be priced as high as 30 pounds, but new editions are available for 9 pounds, and if none of that is to your liking, digital downloads are as low as 1.5 pounds per track.


As mentioned above, you can buy Suzi Quatro merch from her website,, or via There is also an Etsy store where you can buy Suzi Quatro merch, including t-shirts, mugs, cover photos, and many different products, but they are all done by independent artists, not by Suzi herself. Etsy items go for as low as 3.5 dollars.

Suzi Quatro has been a legend in rock and roll for over 50 years, and her fans are constantly looking for new ways to buy her merchandise, especially given that she is still pretty active with releasing books, a new album in 2021, and even tours. Suzi Quatro merch, including her shirts and albums and in some cases even her signature leather jacket, can be found on multiple sources, including and merch bar, but do remember that there is an official website where you can rely for your first search on anything,