Joan Jett—Quatro-esque Copy Cat?

In a 2010 interview, Joan Jett admitted that her look and sound were not entirely original. Jett admits to copying the legendary Suzi Quatro. When Joan met Quatro in the 1970s, she was inspired to create a band. Quatro made Jett realize that women could do rock-n-roll.

Suzi Quatro formed a band with her sister as a teenager. She toured the US. Their band was called Pleasure Seekers. Eventually, Suzi Quatro Life Works would front the band. The duo toured all of the US. It was during one of these tours that Quatro was spotted by a British producer. The man offered her a solo contract, and she took it. She was known in the 1960s and ’70s for being a musical pioneer and an inspiration for others.

1960s Rock N Roll Female Artists

Quatro was a popular rock and roller in Britain. In the US, though, she remained unknown to many. Suzi did a duet with another American musician, Chris Norman. The song peaked on the American Billboard charts. It came in at #4. Also, Quatro did a guest appearance on Happy Days. After her Happy Days appearance, she was offered a spin-off. Suzi declined the show and went back to England.

Quatro is Proud of Jett

Suzi Quatro remembers walking off the stage at many of her concerts and seeing Jett standing there and waiting to see Quatro. Jett would have the same hair, the same jacket, and the same black eyeliner as Quatro.

Quatro even imitated Jett through a song. Suzi’s song A Girl Like Me is one written about Joan Jett copying Suzi Quatro. Suzi is so proud of Joan, that she wrote the soundtrack for a film about Jett and her first band. Suzi was asked after Joan refused to appear in the movie. Jett also refused to license any of the music from her albums with the Runaways for the movie. So, Quatro was asked to write the soundtrack. She said it was an honor.

There has also been a documentary about the life and style of Suzi Quatro. It was released in 2020. Many hope it will bring her the recognition she deserves for being the artist she is. Suzi is often overlooked when it comes to her accomplishments.

Where did Quatroesque Term Come From?

Quatroesque is a term that came from Jett and the many others who followed Quatro’s style. The look and sound were unique to women back in the 1970s. Suzi was an inspiration to others. Jett is the only one who made it big with her band and the look.

A Little About Suzi Quatro, Then and Now

Quatro was married to the guitarist in her band, Len Tuckey, from 1976-1992 and they had two children together (a boy and a girl). After they divorced, Suzi married a German concert promoter by the name of Rainer Haas.

Suzi spends most of her time living in what is called the Manor House. It is a home in Essex England. It is the home where she raised her children. When they moved out, she temporarily put the home for sale. She decided against it. Quatro divides her time between Essex, Hamburg, and Detroit.

In 2012, Quatro was scheduled to perform in Detroit as she was inducted into the Detroit Hall of Fame. The concert would have been her first performance stateside in more than thirty years. She was unable to perform because of a broken knee and broken wrist. The concert was scheduled for April 27, 2012, at the Detroit Music Awards. Quatro’s sisters were inducted with her.

Quatro is one who usually writes songs alone. That is how she began her career. Later, during the height of her fame, Suzi decided to collaborate with many others. Some of these included her ex-husband, Rhiannon Wolfe, and others. Currently, she writes most of the songs herself.

Suzi Quatro is still active on the music scene in England. She is someone who will never stop singing and performing for others. Joan Jett still sings on occasion as well. When the two meet up they should collaborate on a number and perform it together. There are many Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett fans who would enjoy seeing a concert of such.